It’s been a while since I did some good old low poly modelling so I thought I’d knock up something, the result is this cowboy feller. 

Character: 614 Polys - 256 X 256 Diffuse only.
Gun: 88 Polys - 128 x 128 Diffuse only.


Didn’t like how the original hair was sitting on his head so I changed it around, I still need to tweak the texture on it but I think it’s more suited now. I also redid the pants as it was looking a bit “meh” so I re-sculpted the folds and added a bandage. 

Apoc update:

A bit AO heavy but the bakes came out quite nice

Nearly done with the sculpting part, just needs some final adjustments and detailing.  

Edit: Added hair template, zip for the pocket, laces and some fine detailing

I wasn’t to pleased about the look of the saloon girl’s outfit I previously posted so I’m planning to go back and redo it. In the meantime I’ve been working on this post-apocalyptic/survivor chap, still a work in progress.

Update on the saloon girl; Retop’d, baked and currently texturing 

Did some minor tweaks to the texture around the neck and to the spec map. 

In other news, I’ve been playing around with my Portfolio, I wasn’t too fond of the old format I had so I’ve been messing around with different layouts, its all a bit temporary at the moment. I’ve pretty much got rid of a lot my older work and Its looking a bit bare now but I should have some more work to add in over the next week or soooo. 

Shout out to a mate of mine, Jay, for the logo design.

Retop’d and textured the sculpt I previously posted. 


Damon Albarn of Gorillaz shows off his skills creating a head in a new music video showcasing ZBrush in action:

I’m going through some sort of re-branding… I guess… of my work (basically I’m clearing out a lot of my old work and starting fresh with my portfolio). I’m currently working on multiple things at the moment; one of which is this character I previously posted; the saloon girl, still a WIP but she’s getting there.