Working on a small scene involving these two, more to come. 

Following some feedback, did some changes to the AO and Spec level, minor colour changes as well.

Edit: 3rd image is why I love Polycount

I’m a 90s kid who grew up watching 80s films, and one film I remember fondly is the Gremlins, after a quick flashback I thought I’d have a bash at making Stripe. So far I’ve done quick block up and I’m about to start detailing, more soon.


Hey, Its been a while, been a bit busy with “life” but I’ve found some time to fiddle about with Unreal Engine 4, ended up creating this little scene based on the Three Billy Goats Gruff tale.

Got to say the Unreal 4 is impressive, its a lot more streamlined and a lot more stable, it only crashed once for me. 

It’s been a while since I did some good old low poly modelling so I thought I’d knock up something, the result is this cowboy feller. 

Character: 614 Polys - 256 X 256 Diffuse only.
Gun: 88 Polys - 128 x 128 Diffuse only.


Didn’t like how the original hair was sitting on his head so I changed it around, I still need to tweak the texture on it but I think it’s more suited now. I also redid the pants as it was looking a bit “meh” so I re-sculpted the folds and added a bandage. 

Apoc update:

A bit AO heavy but the bakes came out quite nice

Nearly done with the sculpting part, just needs some final adjustments and detailing.  

Edit: Added hair template, zip for the pocket, laces and some fine detailing